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“When we first heard about the potential benefits of an overfunded whole life policy from our financial adviser, it sounded intriguing but at the same time very complicated. So we were honestly somewhat intimidated and not necessarily sure we wanted to invest in such a vehicle.

“In addition, we were a bit skeptical having previously talked with other agents about some other whole life and universal life products. It always seemed that they were trying to make a sale and they always seemed to be relying on best case scenario rather than reality. ‘Smoke and mirrors’ comes to mind when characterizing these conversations!

“But we were encouraged to talk to Dale at Garda and decided we would hear what he had to say. Now, seven years later, we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision, and feel truly blessed to have found Dale and the team at Garda.

“Over the course of several introductory meetings, Dale patiently laid out for us and explained all of the facets and nuances of this type of policy in detail and made it understandable. He also suggested a couple of books to read, which we did. He was not in a rush to make a sale like a typical insurance agent, but it was quite evident that he prioritized that we understood everything thoroughly, without sugar coating anything. We were so impressed by that.

“By the end of the process, we felt educated and confident that we thoroughly understood the benefits. So we decided to move forward, and fast forward 7 years, we are so happy we did!

“My wife and I love all of the benefits of this policy, not just the death benefit, but the riders that give us peace of mind in the event of disability or terminal illness, as well as the many ways that the cash value of the policy can be utilized. We have such peace of mind now as we anticipate retirement in the next 5 years.

“It is telling to note that we recently began working with a comprehensive retirement planner, who was not familiar with Dale or Garda. As part of his process of advising us, he independently reviewed our whole life policy and he was highly complimentary of how Dale had structured the policy and all the benefits it provides. He said we had made a wise decision!

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dale and his team to anyone considering this type of policy!”

Alexandra E.

CEO of Big Life Journal

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Garda Insurance. From the moment we connected with Dale, it was evident that we were dealing with a professional who truly values customer satisfaction. Dale’s responsiveness was exceptional. He not only promptly attended to our inquiries but also took the extra effort to explain the intricacies of the insurance process in a way that was easy to understand. His level of patience and understanding made the entire experience stress-free and immensely reassuring. In our eyes, Garda Insurance has become our trusted partner.”

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