Dale Clarke


Dale Clarke is a co-owner of Garda Insurance LLC, a life insurance agency he has operated for the past 10 years with his business partner, Ryan. With over 17 years of experience in the insurance industry, Dale specializes in personal and business life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. He has helped over 4,000 clients in his career protect their financial well-being and plan for the future. 

Dale’s agency works with dozens of insurance carriers across the United States, providing his clients with a range of options and competitive pricing. He has been recognized as a 4-time Chairman’;s Club qualifier and 5-time Top of Council qualifier with a major life insurance company for finishing as a top 10 associate in the nation.   

A unique aspect of Dale’s practice is that he holds all of his meetings virtually, allowing him to maintain a high volume of client meetings with individuals from all over the nation. He provides his clients with personalized service, tailored solutions, and ongoing support to help them achieve their financial goals. 

Dale’s interests and passions extend beyond his successful career. He is an avid traveler, having explored destinations across North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the islands of the sea. He loves immersing himself in new cultures, trying new cuisines, and learning about the world’s diverse history and traditions. 

Dale has been married for 27 years and has four children and three grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife playing pickleball, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and participating in 5ks and triathlons. He also is a professional violinist and regularly performs with a local chamber orchestra and string quartet. He has played the violin since the age of three. 

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Ryan O’Shea


Ryan is a seasoned financial planner renowned for his exceptional expertise in life insurance strategies. With a wealth of experience spanning two decades, Ryan has become a trusted partner for individuals, couples, and small business owners seeking comprehensive and tailored life insurance solutions. 

Ryan’s commitment to guiding his clients toward financial security has set him apart. Drawing from his solid educational background in finance, he embarked on a journey that led him to become a distinguished Investment Advisor and wealth strategist, specializing in the intricate realm of life insurance. 

Ryan’s career trajectory began with a distinguished tenure at a prominent brokerage firm. Today, as an independent planner, Ryan seamlessly blends his extensive industry experience with his dedication to serving his clients’ best interests. The autonomy of his practice empowers him to craft innovative life insurance strategies that align perfectly with his clients’ unique needs and aspirations. 

Education lies at the heart of Ryan’s philosophy. Beyond being a financial advisor, he sees himself as a financial educator, empowering his clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their life insurance choices. In this collaborative approach, clients remain at the forefront of the decision-making process, with Ryan offering guidance and expertise every step of the way. 

Ryan’s ongoing pursuit of knowledge is a hallmark of his professionalism. He actively participates in industry training events, constantly staying abreast of the evolving landscape of life insurance. This dedication ensures that his clients receive the most up- to-date and effective strategies available, tailored specifically to their needs.. 

Outside the realm of finance, Ryan loves to spend time with his three children. He is also an outdoor and sports enthusiast.

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Karen Lewis


Karen Lewis has worked in the Insurance Industry for 31 years. During this time period, she started out working in processing applications. In the following years, she has moved into Customer Service, Licensing contracts for the agents in every state, and Commission reporting for the Garda Agency. She takes great pride in trouble shooting and helping clients with their Customer Service issues by keeping in connection with the necessary Insurance company to provide satisfaction to the client. 

She was introduced to the Insurance Industry by a neighbor acquaintance and has worked for a few different agencies over the years. She has worked with Dale and Ryan as agents in other insurance agencies for many years; but has worked exclusively for them with the Garda Agency since 2016. 

I, thoroughly, enjoy working in the Insurance field and all the great agents that I have known throughout the years. My off time is spent in enjoying time with my 7 children, 27 grandchildren and 12 greats. I was the oldest of 10, and family has been a very important part of my life. 

Laurie Johnson


Laurie began working in the insurance industry in 2005. After working for several agents, she joined Dale and Ryan at Garda Insurance in 2015. Laurie enjoys interacting with clients as they begin the underwriting process. Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge to include many aspects of the insurance industry.   

Outside of the office, Laurie and her husband enjoy spending time with their 4 children, their spouses and 2 mischievous grandsons. Laurie has also recently discovered pickleball and can be found on the court several times a week. She enjoys being outdoors, reading and serving in her 
local church.

Jim Skinner

Senior Agent

Jim came to the Life Insurance industry with over 20 years experience managing employees and facilities for multi-billion dollar corporations. Before deciding the exit Corporate America, he managed one of the largest HealthCare mail processing facilities in the western United States. After joining Garda Insurance and learning from industry guru’s Garrett Gunderson, Ryan O’Shea and Dale Clarke; he realized that helping individuals and families build a better financial future for themselves was his new drive.

Jim enjoys outdoor sports like competitive softball, hunting, fishing and also camping with his family and two dogs.

Alex Rodriguez

Junior Specialist

Alex has worked in the Life Insurance field since 2020. Being mentored by Ryan and Dale has helped him gain the knowledge as a Junior Specialist. Alex believes in educating the community about Life Insurance and showing clients how to find a policy that will work for them. He plans on continuing his education in the field and immersing himself further in the businesses. 

Alex loves spending time with his beautiful wife. Together they have two little dogs, whom they call ”The Bears” and are hoping to add more. They enjoy traveling, hiking, and various other outdoor activities.