Starting a family brings a lot of pressures. Some of the pressures include finding a place to live, having your first child, and starting your career! Although most young families aren’t making a lot of money, there are still affordable ways to create peace of mind if the unthinkable were to happen.

Real Life Example: Tara met her sweetheart, Preston, in college and soon got married. After having Jacob and expecting their second child, they decided to go on a trip to Canada. Watch Tara’s story of how term life insurance helped her get through this difficult experience.

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Your young family is the most important thing in your life and protecting them is a high priority!

If your spouse were to pass away unexpectedly, how long could you manage financially?

Most young families could only survive a month or two. A recent study showed that 33% of Americans say they don’t have enough life insurance, including one-fourth who already have a policy. 

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between term insurance and whole life insurance?

Do you know how much the different types of life insurance cost?

Our agents at Garda Insurance specialize in educating you first, so you have the facts and knowledge to make an informed decision to protect your family. Learn about life insurance for young families by scheduling a complementary consultation today!

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Life Insurance Needs Calculator

This calculator will give you an estimate of what you might need in terms of life insurance. We recommend talking with one of our qualified agents to learn more.