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We Help You Create Financial Freedom
and Leave a Generational Legacy

Stop risking your money in the market. Stop hoping and wishing for financial freedom. Stop all the money frustration and confusion.

Let us show you how to create, protect, and pass on wealth safely, effectively, and predictably.

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Learn How the Wealthy Use Insurance to Create, Protect, and Maximize Wealth

Insurance is far more than just a necessary evil.

The wealthiest individuals, families, and institutions understand the power of insurance. They leverage it to grow, protect, and unlock their wealth while their alive, and pass it on when they die.

In an ideal financial plan, you are able to:


Minimize risk and prevent loss of money.


Earn a rate of return on your money.


Minimize taxation on the money you accumulate.


Minimize taxation on the money you distribute.


Have money available that you can use throughout your life.


Have a systematic flow of money into your plan.


Have contingencies for death, disability, emergencies, and unforeseen factors.


Have economic certainty.


Have the flexibility to make changes to your plan.

We help you do all of this with a strategy that integrates properly-structured life insurance.

Life Insurance

We help you protect your human life value and maximize your wealth.

Disability Insurance

We ensure that your family will be taken care of if you’re disabled.


We help you convert accumulated wealth into cash-flowing wealth.

Meet the Team

Founded by Dale Clarke and Ryan O’Shea, Garda Insurance has been serving families since 2013. Dale and Ryan have 40+ years of combined experience in the insurance industry.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We pride ourselves on responsiveness.

We understand that navigating the intricacies of insurance can be overwhelming, and our dedicated team ensures a seamless and supportive experience for our clients.

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Learn in Depth How We Help You Grow, Protect, and Pass On Wealth

The ultra-wealthy play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. What would it mean to you and your family if you knew these rules to play by them too? 

This book reveals the method used by the wealthiest individuals, families, and institutions to protect, grow, and pass on wealth for generations.

Our Clients Say:

“Dale patiently laid out for us and explained all of the facets and nuances of this type of policy in detail and made it understandable. He also suggested a couple of books to read, which we did. He was not in a rush to make a sale like a typical insurance agent, but it was quite evident that he prioritized that we understood everything thoroughly, without sugar coating anything. We were so impressed by that. By the end of the process, we felt educated and confident that we thoroughly understood the benefits. So we decided to move forward, and fast forward 7 years, we are so happy we did!”

— Drew, Physician, Age 61

"We feel incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Garda Insurance. From the moment we connected with Dale, it was evident that we were dealing with a professional who truly values customer satisfaction. Dale’s responsiveness was exceptional. He not only promptly attended to our inquiries but also took the extra effort to explain the intricacies of the insurance process in a way that was easy to understand. His level of patience and understanding made the entire experience stress-free and immensely reassuring. In our eyes, Garda Insurance has become our trusted partner."

— Alexandra E.

Why Choose Us?

We Help You Create Financial Freedom & Build a Generational Legacy

We are not product-pushers. Our passion is serving your best interest in creating and passing on wealth.

Seasoned Experience and Proven Track Record

Garda founders Ryan O’Shea and Dale Clarke have a combined 40 years of experience in the life insurance industry.

We Maximize Your Benefits, Not Our Commissions

You can trust that we will always do the right thing for you, regardless of our commissions.

Empathetic Approach and No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

We don’t push agendas or resort to high-pressure tactics. Instead, we empower you to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Simplified Expertise in Overfunded Whole Life Insurance

Breaking down the complexities of overfunded whole life insurance is our forte. We’ve mastered the art of simplifying intricate concepts, making them easily digestible for our clients.

Versatile Coverage Options

Beyond life insurance, our expertise extends to disability insurance, long-term care, annuities, and more.

Unparalleled Customer Responsiveness

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched.